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When Tristan and I moved into our new house, a really sweet co-worker of mine gave us a houseplant. It’s a really pretty tropical one with big, flat leaves, with bright red and yellow veins. Like responsible cat owners, we … Continue reading

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Big Exciting Changes

Someone recently pointed out to me that, even though I told them they could keep up with me by reading my blog… well, I never post on it any more! I am going to try to make it a priority, … Continue reading

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Moving. Also, sneezing.

I am sick and it makes me feel like such a responsible adult. Why? Because when I woke on Saturday morning feeling like death, my first thought was, “Oh, thank god this happened on a weekend. I should be well … Continue reading

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Of Townhouses and Eggplant and Staying Up Very Late

Last night I stayed up until 8 in the morning, because I had to, because it was my job. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I wonder, though, if my body will react the next time … Continue reading

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Look What I Just Found

They’ve never done this before. I’m so pleased with my little happy family.

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Call Me a Cat Lady If You Must

I went to the pound a few days ago, the Heartland Humane Society, just to look. The day before, I had found (stepped in) some kitty vomit, which looked as though it contained some kitty poop. Add that to Rainbow’s … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Grandma!

My Grandmother, Harriet Urquhart, turned 90 years old yesterday. That is pretty incredible. She is pretty incredible, actually. At almost a century old, she: -Lives on her own. -Walks without a walker or cane. -Entertains guests. -Goes on vacations with … Continue reading

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