What do you do when you’re done with everything? How about an Epiblogue?

As I lay pitifully on the couch this weekend, arm lolling and flapping to draw Tristan’s attention to my sorry plight, I asked myself,
“Self, what is wrong with you? Are you sick?”
“Yes,” I said. “I am definitely sick. Sick, sick sick. Sick with a real and definite illness. Maybe a migraine, or possibly the flu. ”
“Really?” I asked. “What are your symptoms? Does your head hurt?”
“No, not really. It feels sort of… foggy, though. Does that count?”
“No. Do you have a runny nose? Are you coughing? Nauseous? Do your muscles ache?”
“Ooh, yes! The last one! My muscles ache. Well… not ‘ache’ per se, but they definitely feel somewhat disinclined to move, except to flop pitifully to emphasise how very terribly sick I am.”
“Ah.” I said, from a place of sad clarity. “You, self, are bored. Bored to the point of depression. Bored to the point of wishing you were sick in order to have something to do.” 
“Oh. Yes. I think that might be true,” I agreed, sitting up. “I should do something about that.”

You see, we moved recently. In November. We had been casually looking at houses for rent for a while, and had actually stopped actively visiting houses, because we had decided not to move right away. Until one day we were out walking, and saw a For Rent sign, and it was meant to be.


Isn’t is cute? I love the big front porch.

Since then life has been full of packing, and unpacking, organizing, re-arranging, hanging, etc.
In December, I discovered (for the second year in a row) that you are still expected to come to Christmas bearing gifts, even when you just spent all the money you have on moving. So, I spent quite a bit of time making gifts, and trolling all five of my favorite thrift stores in Albany, and three more in Corvallis.
After returning from a five day jaunt in California, I returned to my thrift store circuit to purchase the things we needed for life in this new house. We bought two new couches (loveseats) because the doors in this house are only 31.5” wide. Our couch is 34” wide at it’s smallest point, and was not inclined to squish. It lives on the porch now. We also needed a washer and dryer, and lots of small things like a shower rod, lots of storage bins and baskets for this bizarre house with two bedrooms but only one closet, and a cast iron aebleskiver pan, because when you find a cast iron aebleskiver pan at Goodwill, you buy it. Especially when you recently acquired a kitchen big enough for two people to be in at once without touching.

But this weekend, something weird happened. I looked around the house, and it was clean. It was swept and vacuumed. Everything was put in its place. There were no boxes or piles, no pictures leaning against walls waiting to be put up. It was done. And on Monday, I went to the thrift stores, and looked through all the things, but couldn’t find anything I wanted, because, I realized, there was nothing that I was looking for. We had everything. And so, on Tuesday, I found myself in the sorry state state described above.

I think I’m going to take up gardening. I’m also going to look for opportunities to volunteer. I also discovered that I can type
up blog entries on the computers at work* so I really hope that I will update on both of those plans in the very near future. I’m pretty sure this is going to be the year of Operation: Too Many Zucchinis! 

*I don’t really have a laptop any more. I mean, I have it, but it produces an alarming buzzing noise if I leave it on for too long. Something about the fan. And while the ipad is satisfactory for my browsing needs, for content production, it leaves something to be desired. I’ll see how easy it is to post like this when I get home tonight. Anyway, if this works I will hopefully start updating this blog again, because it’s fun, and I like doing it.

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