Grow Too Many Zucchinis

It’s been a while since I’ve thought about my Life List. It may just be time to update it. Let’s see, what is it that I want to do now?
Move to Portland, definitely.
Collaborate on music with Tristan? We’ll give it a shot.
Order business cards with LPC after my name. One day.

I started to think about the list again, after being told, with great disdain, that I might accomplish one of my goals very soon.
“Oh, now, don’t go to wild with the zucchini seeds. Everyone is always trying to give them away at my church at harvest time. You don’t want us to have too many zucchinis, do you?”
Yes. In fact, I do.

This weekend I planted flowers and a small vegetable garden at work. I’m rather proud of them. I just realized that this is actually the first bit of real, in-the-ground planting I’ve done since I was a kid, helping my mother with her garden.

I have discovered that I really like it. At least, I do so far. I’m waiting to see if anything… grows. You know what I mean?

This is one of my flower borders. I purchased a flat of sorbet pansies. I think that pansies are delightful. And apparently they can grow in snow! The garden store lady said so. Maybe pansies aren’t such pansies after all.

I made these cute little signs to mark the different produce. This is the only good picture of the Strawberry sign I will ever get, though. Those water drops seeped into the (apparently useless) self-laminating plastic I put on it. Bah.
They’re still readable though, so I guess they’ll do.

This is Vegetable Patch #1: Strawberries and Brussel Sprouts. “Strawberries and brussel sprouts?” one of my coworkers asked. Yes. Strawberries and brussel sprouts! When I went to the plant store, they told me that the summer vegetables weren’t in yet, so I bought some damn brussel sprouts, ok? And then I found a big plastic tub, where someone had apparently planted strawberries some time ago. Well, they had popped up, so I took them out of their tub and threw them in with the brussel sprouts! You got a problem with that?
(My actual response to her query was, I think, a shrug. I also think that the shrug more accurately portrays my feelings regarding patch-plant combinations.)

I stole the rocks from a rose, by the way, who didn’t really need them anyway. Shuttling rocks from the rose to the garden, and arranging them just so, made me feel like a penguin. This one less so, though, than the second patch, which I made into a perfect circle. It is a perfect nest. The penguin nest garden will become a zucchini hillock. As they seedlings were not at the garden store yet, and because there is the potential for one more big storm before summer (really, Oregon?) I haven’t planted them yet. I should have them in by mid-week, I’d say. And then, I hope, I will proceed to grow entirely too many zucchinis.

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