Big Exciting Changes

Someone recently pointed out to me that, even though I told them they could keep up with me by reading my blog… well, I never post on it any more!

I am going to try to make it a priority, because, this time? My silence has been due to being too busy with big wonderful changes. And as far as I’m concerned, big wonderful changes is what it’s all about, here in the Epiblogue.

One thing that makes it hard to make time to blog, is that I don’t have the internet at work. (So I should write on the work computer during slow periods, or bring a laptop and upload it when I get home, you say? Pish posh.)

And, exciting, news! I just got promoted! I am now going to work full time at my favorite house.

That’s going to mean more responsibility, more time to start and finish big projects at work, and more hours means (because who am I kidding, it matters) a whole lot more money. Which means more fun and summer festivals and trips to Portland and pretty things for the house!

Especially since I’m splitting my rent now…

Which brings us to reason #2 why I have not been blogging.

I have a boyfriend! His name is Tristan, and he makes me ridiculously happy. He has recently moved in with me* and has since constructed a marvelous, magnificent tapestry cave (a concept of which I was previously not cognizant) with christmas lights and pretty scarves all covering the ceiling.

He is sweet, and fun and brilliant and a bit of a tecnho-phobe who wants neither his picture nor his cave on the internet. As I am very fond of him, I will comply.

*If anyone is doing the math, yes. We have not been dating very long. But this terrible landlord decided to kick everyone out of the house where he was renting, because the landlord wanted to let his son stay there. We decided it made more sense for Tristan to move in here, rather than find a room somewhere else, where, by the evidence, he would probably never actually spend any time. See?

So, basically, I have been working a lot, and when I’m not at work I’m spending all my time with Tristan. I am going to try to post some more though, because I do enjoy it. And we have been doing a lot of fun things lately, like cooking interesting things like Bao (with cabbage and water chestnuts, and no pork! Very tasty) and writing new Settlers rules (hurricanes that wipe out ports, and forest fires that can spread to nearby tiles if you’re unlucky! And of course, hide your sheep from the Chupacabra…) for giant three-board Settlers games.

This was the aftermath of one of our first attempts.


As I was saying, I am getting a full time schedule at work soon. A month or so ago, though, before I knew anything about that, I realized that with my current schedule of Wednesday, Thursday Friday, then off from Saturday till Tuesday, could have 11 days free by taking only 3 days off work! So I turned in some paid leave and scheduled a trip down to California with Tristan. It totally snuck up on me, but apparently we are leaving in THREE DAYS!!

We will be in California from the 17th until the 27th (and are looking for places to stay in the Bay Area and Santa Cruz, by the way…) I am really excited to see everybody in Santa Cruz (and formerly from Santa Cruz) and for him to meet various people. Our schedule is very open and we are planning as we go. I really intend to write all about it, but I know how these well-meant plans often turn out!

And just because it makes me happy,

Here are ALL of Ira’s teeth…

And Rainbow in a box that is just a little bit too small.

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