Today at work I watched this new sitcom, Supurgatory, which I like well enough to deign to watch at work.* The main character, a teenage girl, gets to have her favorite band play at her big party, and the main point is that this band is… either very bad or completely inaccessible to just about anyone. So I watch, as whatsherface finally comes around to the sparkly dress and begins to enjoy herself, when, lo, the band comes on,

And they are One Ring Zero.
Who recently put out an album, on which the lyrics are recipes by noted chefs, who got to chose their favorite style of music to which their recipe would be performed, as song.
And in the show, they played Radio, the lyrics of which are by Daniel Handler, who most famously publishes under the name Lemony Snicket, and less famously wrote a book which he describes as a “Jewish Porn Opera Novel,” and which I personally did not care for. (Though I thought that The Basic Eight was quite good.)

As the song began, and I realized what was happening, I was sent into this string of thoughts:
Radio! I love this song!
But they didn’t call the band “One Ring Zero” they called them… something else. Curious.
I know quite a bit about the song that is being touted as “Inaccessibly Indie” by a prime time sitcom! Hoho!
Hmm. “Inaccessibly Indie” by a prime time sitcom Eeehh…
(This has at once put me on and knocked me off my hipster high horse.)
Damn this is a good song!
If I had a radio for every time you loved me so, I wouldn’t have a radio at all.
I should get that latest album with the recipes.
But now they’re going to be all well-known because they were on some tv show.
Do I actually care?
Not really.

Anyway, I felt the world needed to know, that;
a. There is a band called One Ring Zero, and back when that last album came out I thought they were really pretty fun.
b. One Ring Zero was on tv! How weird is that!
c. I had a little hipster high horse moment tonight and I clearly needed to share.
d. There is an album of recipes recorded to music that sounds really pretty swell, that I, for one, will be acquiring post haste.

*I realize that I have been talking about watching tv a lot lately. This is because, clearly, I am watching a lot of tv lately. This is mostly at work, where there is a lot of down time. (And where I have found that my residents have the aggravating super power of sensing the second that I have settled into reading my book, and realizing that that very moment is the moment that they must! have! something! out of the locked back fridge!) And, that is why.

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