Moving. Also, sneezing.

I am sick and it makes me feel like such a responsible adult. Why? Because when I woke on Saturday morning feeling like death, my first thought was, “Oh, thank god this happened on a weekend. I should be well for work on Tuesday.”
Doesn’t that just make your little corporate-minded heart swell?

Well… I do have work tomorrow, and I’m not totally well yet (still sitting on the couch with a box of tissues and a headache) but I’m a lot better and I should be able to function.

Now would be a really bad time to take my first sick day, anyway, because I have a lot of expenses this month:

Because I am moving into my new place!!!

It’s not a big move, just a half an hour away, to Albany, which is much, much closer to work. There are some really great things about the new place too. It’s a townhouse with two stories, which means that the cats can run up and down the stairs all day, which they will love.
I am also excited about the spare bedroom, because I think it will really help to have lots of space. I know that things get messy when I don’t have a place for everything, and having an extra room, even if I just use it as a walk-in closet, and occasional guest room, will really help.

I am also quite pleased about having a kitchen with enough room for two whole people and enough cabinet space so that I don’t have to keep my dry goods in the hall closet. (Like this apartment where all my dry goods are kept in the hall closet. In this instance I am not being hyperbolic.) And a sunny little breakfast nook, where I can put flowers on the table and listen to NPR in the mornings.

I am very excited about it. (and just realized that I said basically the same thing in my previous post, but too bad!)

As of this morning, I had my move-in date set for Saturday, the 12th. When I called today to make an appointment, though, I learned that they would be closed on Saturday, and also on Friday, so it’s been moved up to Thursday. Which is BASICALLY RIGHT NOW as far as I am concerned.

In conclusion, my living room is covered with liquor store boxes, some of which are full of books. My coffee table is covered in tissues, and I am in a strange and confusing state of excitement and furious packing interspersed with cups of soup and body aches, and “just one more episode” of Criminal Minds.

This week is going to be really fun, as long as I can stop coughing.

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