Call Me a Cat Lady If You Must

I went to the pound a few days ago, the Heartland Humane Society, just to look. The day before, I had found (stepped in) some kitty vomit, which looked as though it contained some kitty poop. Add that to Rainbow’s scratchy, “I’m pissed off” voice lately, and it equals cat in crisis, who desperately needs some company while I’m at work.

But I just went to look, and then bring Rainbow back to meet my top choices, or bring them home to meet her. Unfortunately, when I got there, the man at the front desk told me that there wasn’t really any way to do that, with their cats. You just have to pick one that seems like they’ll be good, and hope. He suggested a young, social male cat for Rainbow.

I looked through all of the different cat rooms, and met a lot of really sweet, good cats, but none of them seemed like “the one.” One sweet boy named Popcorn seemed like a good choice, but I stood up and realized that I was covered in white cat hair. With a white cat and a black cat, I could never wear any colors of clothing without being covered in fur. So Popcorn was out.

I had seen all the cats, and didn’t need to take any of them home, so I went to find Rebecca and sister. I found them in the lobby, and Rebecca was holding a big grey and white kitten. I took him out of her arms, and did not set him down again. He was it. He was sweet, and pretty, and had nice markings, and the finest, softest hair, of the sort that doesn’t come off all over back shirts.

I had to have him, and after a tense moment, when the front desk guy called another family who had a hold on him, I filled out my application and took him home! It was an instantaneous decision, but it was clearly meant to be. Hopefully this would fix all of Rainbow’s problems, and I would get to have the second cat that I have been wanting for ages.

Rebecca suggested names on the way back, and one of them was Ira, which I like, because it sounds good and because then kitty can be named after radio personality Ira Glass, which is absolutely something I would do.

So meet Ira!

He’s a sweet, lovey little boy, who likes to play and likes to cuddle. I think we are going to be a very happy family. Eventually.
He and Rainbow are working it out. Tonight is the first night I’ve seen them play together. I’ve been a little worried that they would be enemies forever, but they seem like they will work out just fine.

Oh yeah, Prologue: When I brought Ira home, I found another vom/poo pile and showed it to Rebecca, like “See! Kitty’s going crazy” and she said “Uh, that’s a big hairball.” So… I could have fixed the problem with some olive oil in Rainbow’s food. Instead I got a second cat. Oh well!

Oh, and here’s a video that explains why two cats is perfectly fine, but three makes you “that weird guy with all those cats,” thus proving that I am not a crazy cat lady yet! However, loving this video as much as I do might make me a crazy cat lady anyway…

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One Response to Call Me a Cat Lady If You Must

  1. Wes says:

    I thought boo didn’t like other cats this is going to be a CATastrophe.
    Though I suppose with time and training you can NIP that problem with other cats.
    Just got to make sure to keep TABBYs on them.


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