Happy Birthday Grandma!

My Grandmother, Harriet Urquhart, turned 90 years old yesterday. That is pretty incredible. She is pretty incredible, actually.

At almost a century old, she:
-Lives on her own.
-Walks without a walker or cane.
-Entertains guests.
-Goes on vacations with her girlfriends.
-Has a busier social calendar than I do.
And still insists that she wants to skydive. Again.

Last Sunday the family hosted a big birthday party for her. I flew down to California for the week, to see friends and family, but mostly so that I could go to her party.

Here she is with her three kids. Doesn’t she look happy?

Right after I took that picture, Grandma waved me over to her and said “Can you get a picture of that?” She saw her three kids deep in conversation all together.

I think it was pretty great for her to see that, and to have them all together under one roof. It doesn’t happen very often.

My dad’s brother and his, er, um, girlfriend* came up from Oakland.

*When someone at the party referred to her as my uncle’s wife, she quickly corrected them. Just because they’ve been together for more than 30 years does not mean that she’s anybody’s wife, thank you!

And my parents’ closest friends came as well. It was really good to see them. When I was growing up they would come over nearly every weekend to play board games.

Grandma had a really great time, and I am really glad I got to be there. It was good to see the family, (and to see my friends in Santa Cruz, which is a whole other story) but I am glad to be back in Oregon. My apartment is really starting to feel like home.

I got a bed the other day, and I got a tapestry in Santa Cruz, which fits perfectly as a couch cover. Also, I have discovered that the roof of the porch of the people below me is an awesome cat hang-out.

You can also see a bit of the hanging flower box, which totally counts as a garden, I swear! Yep. It’s all coming together up here. Now I’ve got to hop in the car and drive to Portland! I’ve got an appointment with a good friend for coffee, chatting, and finally! New Who!

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