News! Also, more news!

I am driving to Portland tomorrow, to catch a plane to Sacramento, for that mid-August visit I swore I would make, and then decided that I definitely could not fit in, but actually managed to pull off. And, also, for my grandmother’s 90th birthday.

On the way to Portland, providing that the traffic is not so bad, and that I leave on time, I will stop by the main offices in Salem and pick up my first real check from my first real post-college job! It is a very cool job. I am very happy about it.

Why now? Why today? One might ask, of my sudden return to the world of blogging. Because, in order to feel like writing I need to have certain criteria met:

1. I must have something to say. (Check!)
2. Whatever the story is, it must not be something that is a secret, of mine or anyone else. (Check…?)

Now, more difficult lately,

3. I must not be totally sick of talking to people and/or telling the story, whatever it is.
4. I must have some sort of time alone and uninterrupted in which to write it.
5. I must have a surface on which to set my laptop, i.e. desk, table, counter, etc. (For proper typing form and posture, of course.)

And, with no further ado I present, the answer to number six, my table!

Because as of yesterday, I am moved into my very own little tiny apartment. Today, I came home from work after a 6am-3pm morning shift, and I stayed in my apartment, by myself, relaxing and getting things done for the rest of the day. All alone! It was amazing. So now, after a long afternoon of solitude, I am happily willing to write.

It’s even got a couch in it! And a bookshelf!

And an impossibly small kitchen.

And this really cute desk I found at the Goodwill bargain outlet! And a cat!

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