It was my last day in Santa Cruz, and I didn’t know what, exactly, I wanted to do with it.
You know what’s pretty adorable? Chris and I decided to fly a kite.
Remember that guy from the Space party? With the Star Trek uniform? And from that last entry? Yeah.

It was very cool. It was an airplane.

Assembly almost complete!

It was nice and very slightly breezy, and the kite’s packaging was very cheerful about how this kite was “exceptionally stable” and “flight-worthy.”

First Chris tried to run with the kite while I ran behind him with the string. This did not work very well. Or at all. Physics. Huh.
Once we figured out kite-string-runner logistics the plane was in the air!

Attempt number One! Looking good.

Eventually he had to stop running. Simultaneously, the kite decided to stop flying.

“Really, kite? Really?” Chris seems to say.

After some discussion of string length application and running formation (circular) the kite was up again! Up up up! Up so high!
Chris ran and ran and ran. He ran so far, he ran so long. This kite was simply too attuned to human activity I think.
“Oh. It’s stopping time now? I understand. Let me make my way to the ground.”

Chris is exhausted from the running. He is unlikely to move any time soon.
He retrieves the kite by dragging it slowly toward him by the string. He seems to enjoy the melodrama of it all.





Technically the “kite flying” part of the expedition was not a success, but I had a really nice time in the grass, and getting to spend some time looking at the bay view. And Chris is totally adorable, obviously, which I enjoy very much. We totally made up an impromptu duet on the ride back down too.


Chris left a few minutes ago. I wrote this post while he slept next to me, waiting until 3am so that he could help me move my mattress out and say goodbye, but not make me late leaving, if I needed to hold on to him for a long time before he could go. I’m glad I wrote it before he left because it would be so much harder to get through it now, cheerfully. He has been such a good boyfriend for the last two months and I hate how the timing worked out. We had just gotten to the really good comfortable part too. I had so much fun though. I have absolutely no regrets. I’m going to miss him a lot.

I’m going to miss you a lot, Chris.

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