Three Weeks

Something very strange just happened.

I am packing today. I’m not moving for a few weeks, but when I start a job, particularly a job like this, I like to work on it until it is done. Therefore, in the last 2 days I have done 75% of my packing. I have approximately 12 outfits unpacked, which will allow me to wear clean clothes every day, as long as I’m not too picky, and that I do laundry once before I leave. The rest of the clothes are boxed. So are all my crafting things (more than I thought I had) and all those bathroom items that I absolutely totally need to have but do not ever actually use, or at least can refrain from using for a month or so. Like my hair dryer. And my nail polish.*

I just got back from dropping off a car load of stuff to my ex-roommate and a bag of clothes to the Goodwill. Now I am going to attempt to post my first ever Craigslist add and sell an old wooden dresser of my grandmothers (not a nice heirloom one, I swear) and a closet organizer that I got from my cousin when he moved to an island where apparently one does not need closet organizers. I’m not going to ask much but if I can get $10 or $20 a piece I would be thrilled, and I feel like things get treated better if they are paid for, rather than just picked up for free on the side of the street. I also want to sell my bed frame (that I picked up at a garage sale for $20. If I sell it it will have been free! Yeah!) but then I will be living on a mattress on the floor. Which is fine. But sad. Maybe I’ll do that next week.

Anyway, the strange thing. I took some cellphone photos of the dresser and the organizer and uploaded them into Picasa, which I basically never use. There were two photos in an album called “Epiblogue,” an old background image that I never ended up using and this photo.

I swear that I have never seen this before. I have never read it and I definitely did not add it to that album. It is, however, kind of exactly what I needed to hear today.

Whenever it starts is the right time, and whenever it’s over it’s over.

I need to keep that in mind, because… I met this guy. Well, I met him ages ago, but we’ve been dating for about a month now. I don’t know if anybody noticed that line at the end of the Space Party entry where I mentioned kissing people in Star Trek uniforms? Yeah. That guy.
Well, we were walking home from a party last Saturday, this guy, Devon and I, and I had resolutely rejected his arm over my shoulder in favor of holding hands as we briskly sloshed our way over the bridge toward home. This apparently “bemused and perturbed” him. I insisted that, if this was the case, many things I did must bemuse and perturb him. He agreed that they did.
He mentioned (context is not important) that he had told the 30-something woman in his cohort, who always seemed to be flirting with him (we may have been talking about cougars) that he had a new “ladyfriend” and she was pleased and interested.
“Yeah, I met her through my roommates a while ago, but…”
And then he backpeddled, not quite knowing where to go with the “but…”
“She’s really awesome, but…”
“We have all of these mutual interests, but…”
“but… whenever she’d mention any of them they’d tell her to go talk to me”
He was drunk and I was nice (and also drunk) so I let him get away with it.
“I’m awesome, huh? Well that’s nice to know.”

I’m not letting it bother me (maybe bemuse and perturb me a little) but… (BUT… HA!) when I discussed it with Devon, she agreed. Probably, really, the sentence finished “but… she’s leaving” and I am. And that? Sucks.

Because up until this weekend, I was having fun with him, but it was just ok. We were clicking well enough, but it seemed like this thing, whatever it was, had about a 2 month shelf life, and since 2 months was what we had, that seemed just fine.
This Saturday, though, we walked through the Santa Cruz mountains and talked about our childhoods, and laid out in a field of wildflowers and attempted to watch non-existent clouds, and then went to a party with my friends and his friends and talked and laughed a lot and were very clearly a couple, and were confirmed to be “very cute” by onlookers. After Saturday, I feel like this might be relationship material, and it’s a damn shame that it can’t be, because I only have three more weeks. Because I think it might have been good.

Now I’m going to go back to making Craigslist adds, and cleaning my room so that it will be neat and tidy and empty and not horrible and messy and empty. And then I’ll get back to enjoying the little bit of time I have left here. A lot can happen in three weeks.

*I have already dug my nail polish out of the box once. It may have been a little premature to pack it. I think I’m going to leave the polish remover and maybe two colors out until the very last minute. Some things I just can’t live without, you know? I’m packing, but I’m not crazy.

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