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I can’t stop listening to this song.

Even more- I can’t stop listening to this song again.
This was the first Local Natives song to which I became attached, back during the summer after I was originally introduced to them, before we went to their show at the Filmore. The show I wasn’t supposed to go to, but then got to take Gabe’s place because he couldn’t get back to Santa Cruz until the next day.
And now it has me in its grips again.

I think it’s the format that gets me. When I want to play this song, it’s for the beginning.
“I’ve been goin’ down, down into the river baby”
“So we took a van down to Colorado where we ran into the dead- took them by the hand”

It’s got such a fascinating undulating rhythm to it. But then it completely changes course, ending up with the anthem style “Oh oh! Ooh oh,” stuff that abandons the syncopation of the first half. I want the song to use that as the middle, because it is good, and it works well, but then it’s got to return to the undulation for the end. It would round out the whole thing, making it complete and even and balanced.

To combat my perceived imbalanced ending, I feel as though I should start the song over again, completing the circle, and truly ending the song. However, when I do this, unless I pause the song in the middle, it plays the recorded end again, leaving the song unfinished, so I have to listen to it again!
How problematic!


Today I went downtown looking for ideas for 1930’s railroad vagabond costumes, because next Thursday Devon and I, and some other friends are going to the Railroad Revival Tour Concert in Oakland. It should be the most incredible hoedown. It’s Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros, Mumford and Sons and Old Crow Medicine Show. There will be lots of banjo.

Before that, as my birthday present for Devon (her birthday is on the 20th. Yes. Hah hah.) we’ll be seeing the New Pornographers at the Rio in Santa Cruz, with Neko Case opening! I’ve been listening to them for years, but I especially love the new album. It’s a little… less, I guess, than their previous albums. It’s more simplistic, a little more melody driven, as a whole, I think, with less noise packed in everywhere, and, while still power-pop, a little less “power.” It’s wonderful.

Next week is going to be…

Satuday: 5pm until late, a friend’s very long birthday party
Sunday: New Pornographers
Wednesday: Devon’s Birthday
Thursday: Epic Hoedown and post Epic Hoedown party
Friday: Recover from Epic Hoedown and post Epic Hoedown party
Saturday and Sunday: Something about Easter, though what, exactly, I’m not sure
Sunday: NEW DOCTOR WHO!!!!

Awesome. And busy. Very busy.

Now if I can only get that song out of my head…

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