Some people call today ‘Friday*’ or ‘April 8th.’ More in-the-know Santa Cruz people might even call it ‘Croquet Day**’ or ‘The day after the really fun Best Friends show at Moe’s Alley***.’ I, however, call today-


Because, you see? Devon and I are having a SPACE PARTY tonight. And it is probably going to be excellent.

* Yes. Friday. Fun fun fun fun fun fun.
** Croquet Day, the weekly springtime event where a friend invites us over to play croquet and drink boxed red wine all afternoon, is nearly always the highlight of my Friday. And today is the first one of the season, and it looks like the weather is going to be great. I definitely intend to really enjoy my Croquet Day. It’s just… SPACE PARTY, you know?
*** Actually, that’s pretty much all I had to say about that. It was fun! They were great!

UPDATE: Croquet Day was rained out. Hailed out, actually. There’s nothing quite like Santa Cruz weather. It did look suspiciously like it might be clearing up, but I decided I needed to leave and go shop for party supplies.

Apparently we’re the type of people who decorate for parties now!

The original plan was streamers from the ceiling, as seen at Alice’s Party, and we bought the streamers. We never put them up. This is because there is never as much time before a party as you think there will be. We spent all of our decorating time making a balloon solar system, and a…

Tardis Fridge.
That’s right. It’s a SPACE PARTY!

Reflections after the party:
Now, as all the caps imply, I dig the idea of a SPACE PARTY, but seriously. It was a really good theme.
I shouted across a group of people discussing Firefly, to confirm that I loved The Salmon of Doubt, even though I rarely knew what he was talking about.
Our Pan Galactic Gargleblasters, which were, in fact, a hyper intelligent shade of blue, were really just vodka, lemonade, sparkling water and food coloring. We liked our guests enough not to want them to feel that their brain had been smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped around a gold brick, if we could help it.
We attempted to play Cosmic Chandeliers (which we did not call Cosmic Chandeliers. We just called it regular Chandeliers, but we were trying to play with these weird clear purple cups, and fancy colored ping pong balls. It was like the gravity was slightly off. Hah! Spacey!)
We even ended the evening with an episode of Doctor Who, once nearly all of the people had gone home, in proper space style.
I must note: There is nothing to confirm one’s nerdiness quite like kissing a guy in a Star Trek uniform.

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