A Fairly Decent Samaritan

So, you know when you get into your car and see something on the windshield? A ticket, or a flyer or something? Well, guess what I found on my car windshield today.

An iPhone 4.
I was very surprised.

It was raining pretty hard and the phone was very wet by the time I got to it. I was worried it would be dead or damaged, but surprisingly it seemed to be fine.

There were missed calls on the phone and I tried to call back, but it wouldn’t go through.
I could see her name on Facebook, but when I searched on my computer nothing came up.

By this point I was becoming slightly disheartened, and complained to Devon.
“Just look in her contacts and call someone. Someone in the address book as ‘Mom’ or something,” She suggested.
“I tried that!” I insisted, “They must have called the phone company and stopped the service. It can not be done!”
“But… you could call it on your phone.” She reminded me.
She was, of course, correct.

I offered to bring the phone to work with me tomorrow, since I had found it in the store’s parking lot, but they wanted to get to today, so I reluctantly gave them my address.
I got a phone call a while later.
“You are not in your apartment? We are knocking on the door.”
“No, you must be at the wrong apartment. Wait, I’ll come outside.”
They were nowhere in sight.
“Are you at number 339?” I asked.
“No. Here is 336, 337… No 339.”
I walked out onto the street as we talked, looking for them.
“And you are on Walnut Avenue?”
“… Walnut? Are we on Walnut? Oh. We will be there soon.”
I am beginning to see how these people managed to leave their phone on someone else’s car windshield.*

Eventually they found the apartment, and I saw two old ladies peering in through the blinds at me. There’s something really cute about old people and their parents. They thanked me profusely in slightly broken English.

They gave me a cake!

They also gave me a cake.

*I figure that they did not actually put it on the windshield, and that someone saw it next to my car and thought it might be mine. Regardless.

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