Very Nearly Almost Basically Totally Graduated

Today I went to my last college class ever!
And it was unremarkable, and I was sick, but now it’s done!

This week, what with the significance of it being the last week, I have done a couple things with the intention to get some closure from UCSC. The first was going to the Stevenson Dining Hall one last time.
Stevenson Dining Hall was the center of social life, during my first couple months at UCSC. I remember looking out over that sea of writhing Freshman around the giant tables, looking for anyone that I recognized or steeling myself to go sit by a stranger. It was terrifying and exciting.
The Dining Hall was closed for renovations for the last few months of my Freshman year. This tragedy required that we march up Cardiac Hill whenever we wanted vaguely plastic tasting dining hall food. Criminal!

Since I moved off campus after my first year, I realized I had never eaten in the renovated and re-opened Stevenson Dining Hall. I decided to correct this on Thursday after my last seminar class.
I would experience the dining hall like a Freshman again and reminisce

When I moved through the line to the girl with the computer, I said,
“I don’t have a meal plan. Can I just pay for this?”
“Uh, yeah?” She said, “Are you a student? $10.50”
“Seriously? Damn.”
“Well, ok then. I’m a graduating senior. It’s my last day. I feel like I should… do this.”
“Oooh. Well, um, I hope the food is worth it?”
“It won’t be. That’s kind of the point.”

The inside of the new dining hall is nice. That room has some great windows all along the walls. They added some alcoves of couches for people to sit and chat or study, which is a good idea. No need to swipe in again and again for more coffee.
For my lunch I headed for the very official looking sushi bar sign at the back of the cafeteria.

Mandarin Sushi? Eeeeeew.

Can you guess what’s in it? No? Fried white fish and a canned mandarin orange slice, obviously. The seaweed salad was passable. The sushi, though the concept made my brain hurt, was slightly better than expected. My expectations were low.

View from the deck

This is the view from the dining hall balcony. That was the one major problem with the old dining hall. There was a deck, but no security to keep people from coming into the dining room from the deck, so it was always closed off. Now it is usable. On a clear day, the ocean would be visible through that tree.

Today, after my official last day of class, I visited House 5.

House 5

Luckily, as I passed by, someone exited the spring-loaded, handicap-accessible front door, which gave me ample time to walk in like I was supposed to be there. It still smelled the same. As I walked through the house, I didn’t really feel anything. The place itself was not enough to evoke any momentous cascade of memories.

So now I’m done. Well, actually. I’m in a strange position. I have two finals with flexible due dates. I can be done with college whenever I want. I just need to finish my finals and turn them in. I haven’t been able to get myself to start yet. Hmm… Maybe once I do that it will really start to sink in.

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