This Weekend (Or, Remeber What I Said About Our Night Life?)

Oh my god I had so much fun this weekend, you guys.
I’m a little bit depressed that after that last post about playing Settlers instead of going to parties and how I totally enjoy playing Settlers way more than I enjoy the noise and forced social interaction of “partying” with my peers, I am forced to report that; this weekend I went to three parties.
And I had somuchfun.

This is a picture of me having somuchfun.

I am wearing a nest on my head, which was borrowed from the girl dressed as Maggie Smith for the Secret Garden Party on Saturday. But Saturday is a long time after Thursday. Let’s begin there.

Thursday was Katie’s birthday party. Devon and I made this cake. It was extremely delicious.

On Friday I went to a soiree at the home of a few girls whom I have met (and like) but do not know particularly well. Or at all. Beyond their names and the fact that they are friends with my friends. I decided that if I was going to break my self-inflicted party-fast I would begin with a group of people that I didn’t already know and have an opinion of, because that, to my reasoning, provided a better chance of meeting people with whom I could make new friends.
Spoiler: This theory proved true.
At the Friday night party I overheard this conversation (paraphrased, with very little attempt toward accuracy and absolutely nothing but affection for the speakers)
Guy: I see you are drinking Coca Cola!
My friend: In fact, I am drinking a mixed drink from a Coca Cola bottle.
Guy: No matter! If you were, in fact, drinking Coca Cola, it would be relevant to the really great podcast episode I listened to last week.
My friend: I see…
Myself: Oh, I was rooting for them! I was so sad that they only created generic cola!
And thus, I started talking about podcasts (a passion) at an event where I expected mostly to talk about people’s majors and/or beer pong.
I must remember to download some Planet Money.

At this party I also met that guy’s roommate, who turned out to be a frequenter of Reddit, got told by an acquaintance, via drunken slur, that he “hates me” (why?) “because I have my life figured out.” Which I found funny. Oh, and was told to read a book that I had started the day before. Party? Success.

Saturday night: Stopped by a birthday party, and was asked by a friend I haven’t seen in a while, to please have another potluck party, because he wanted to come. Also, that he would like to challenge us to a game of Catan some time. It’s nice when people pop out of the woodwork to remind you that they haven’t been around because they’ve been busy, not because they don’t like you. I kind of gravitate toward “don’t like you.” It’s a habit I’m trying to correct in myself.

The second party on Saturday, though, really made my weekend. There were green streamers with crepe paper flowers hanging down from the ceiling and lots of nice people that I know exactly the right amount, so that they are still interesting but around whom I can be utterly ridiculous and flamboyant as I become more and more pickled in gin.

Isn’t that a beautiful atmosphere? Well done, ladies.

At the end of Friday’s party, we managed to secure the contact information of the podcast guy, and being, apparently, a remarkable human being, he actually came to the party! This was exciting, firstly, because I did not expect to meet anyone new and neat in the next 10 weeks at Santa Cruz, let alone see such a person more than once.
Secondly, it’s not just me! The housemates agree about the neatness! Illustrated by this text, from one of my closest friends whose identity I will take with me to my grave, or if you ask in person (again, only affection) :

12:53 am – I think -this guy- is my soulmate and I’ve never really spoken to him…
12:54 am – Ok, now I have and apparently he is coming over for dinner at some point.

In conclusion, I had a really good time, and met some really cool people, when I had just about given up on cool people and put all my eggs in the Oregon basket. Parties are pretty great. So is Catan, and I’ll need a few Catan nights to let myself recover from those nights, but parties? Good too.
(I feel like I should say that I also worked a total of 16 hours between Saturday and Sunday, which contributes to the necessity of Catan/ no party nights. Not just hung over. Exhausted and hung over! More respectable!)

And fin.

P.S. Thank you, contributors to my very good weekend, and apologies to new friend featured in this post for any perceived creepitude. I didn’t mean it. I have found that it is very hard being an over-sharer and having a blog, because I want to tell everybody everything about everyone and I find myself wanting to cross some privacy lines that I shouldn’t. Like those texts. Let me know if I should take them down, friend.
All credit for the photos goes to Alice Medland’s camera, and most likely to Alice Medland, though I can not swear it.

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