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A Fairly Decent Samaritan

So, you know when you get into your car and see something on the windshield? A ticket, or a flyer or something? Well, guess what I found on my car windshield today. An iPhone 4. I was very surprised. It … Continue reading

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Very Nearly Almost Basically Totally Graduated

Today I went to my last college class ever! And it was unremarkable, and I was sick, but now it’s done! This week, what with the significance of it being the last week, I have done a couple things with … Continue reading

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This Weekend (Or, Remeber What I Said About Our Night Life?)

Oh my god I had so much fun this weekend, you guys. I’m a little bit depressed that after that last post about playing Settlers instead of going to parties and how I totally enjoy playing Settlers way more than … Continue reading

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