Our Night Life

If you were to ask me what I was doing this Friday night I would probably say
“Uh, I don’t know. Something. Probably. What are you doing?”
This is likely to be a lie. It is true that sometimes, if something really cool comes up, like that extremely exciting evening where we all went out to the local pub and played darts and then went to the grand opening of the new hippy shop downtown, and then went back to the pub to play more darts* I will “do something” at night. That night I definitely “did something,” and I enjoyed it.

Mostly though,
“Uh, I don’t know. Something. Probably. What are you doing?”
is code for, I’m going to stay in with my roommates and play a lot of games of Settlers of Catan.
Or dominos.
Or cards.

Or dice, as in this incident.

But mostly? It’s Settlers of Catan.
I am pretty excited about Catan. We all are, really. When I first borrowed the game from a friend, we played… too many times in the first couple days. I decided that we couldn’t keep beating up his board. So I made my own.
Yes, I could have bought my own. They do sell it. Considering the cost of supplies (estimated right now with some sloppy addition at $24) plus my time, and my roommates’ time, at a very reasonable rate of $10 per person per hour would mean that it began costing more to make our Catan at hour 3.
At hour 3 we were just getting started.
When I told my dad about this little venture he asked if I had done it on a computer. That would have been very smart. In fact we (mostly me) sculpted all the roads, settlements and cities, and hand drew every single one of the tiles for coke, peyote, weed, poppies and shrooms, plus all the Narc cards. Oh, did I mention? My version is themed. We play Druglords of Catan. It’s way more fun that way.

It’s plant drugs. Not like little spoons or baggies or anything. Can you see the coke berries? The heroin poppies? Aren’t they sweet?

I’m really quite proud of it, which is good, because if it were ugly or sloppily done I would be very annoyed. I spend much of my free time staring at it.
We have been branching out a lot, lately. We have three different running score sheets for dominos at the moment.
What other games do you like? Any suggestions? We tried Euchre (and liked it) so I think we’ll pretty much try anything.

*By the way, that night? The one with the “going out” and the “doing things?” Once the group we had assembled left the bar, we all ended up back at the apartment to try out our freshly made 6-player Catan expansion pack. Oh well.

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