Let’s talk about snacks. Tonight I came home from work around 10, and there were three girls there and we chatted, and that was fun. Then I decided to finish the little cooking project I had been working on for the last two days. Let’s recap.

Yesterday (Morning) Began soaking garbanzo beans to rehydrate. Soaked for… 6 hours.
Yesterday (Evening) Boiled garbanzo beans for one hour to fully hydrate and prepare.
Yesterday (Evening-Later) Tossed garbanzo beans with olive oil, salt and a whole bunch of red curry powder. As much curry powder as I could shake out of the bottle before I got tired of shaking curry powder. These beans were red, is what I’m saying. Mmmmm.
Yesterday (Evening- Later- Slightly later than last time) Preheated oven to 450, spread beans on two baking sheets, put in oven, prepared for being wowed by delicious, crunchy, spicy roasted garbanzo beans.
Yesterday (Evening- Tragically) Left to walk downtown to Kinkos.
Yesterday (Ten minutes later) Realized beans were still in oven.
Yesterday (The most depressing time of day) Came home to smokey house and completely black, shriveled, hard-as-rock little beans.
Yesterday was a bad day guys. Really, very very bad.
(Was actually a totally fine and unremarkable day except for whole the bean thing and I didn’t even burn the house down. Really, it’s all ok.)

Anyway. I tried again. Last night (post-tragedy) I started soaking the other half of the dried garbanzos, and I boiled them this morning before school, so by the time I got back from work tonight, I could pop them in the oven, and then we had Snacks!

(The relevant portion is at 3:10, but it’s also just a really good song.)

They were pretty good. Some were super crispy, almost exactly like soy nuts, and some were softer, much like, say, roasted garbanzo beans. Pretty good. Really, very ok.
The Recipe

But! The making of this round of snacks reminded me that I could make another snack! And I was like, “Remember the cauliflower? You would eat the cauliflower if I made it?” And there was a resounding chorus of “Yes.”
So I made the cauliflower.
The Glorious Recipe

Remember how I said that the beans were ok? This cauliflower is not ok. This cauliflower is God’s gift to vegetables. We do not joke about this cauliflower.
Oh shit this is some good cauliflower, is what I am saying to you today, you misguided, non-cauliflower worshiping heathens. Cauliflower.
Needless to say, it went over well.
(Then we had wasabi peas and mini peanut butter cups. It would be incorrect to imply that the snacking ended there. This was an evening of snacks. There was a snack commitment to be upheld, here.)*

So let this be a lesson to me. First, of course, that snacks are wonderful and well received by all good people. Second, that, while taking two days and a failed, near disastrous (and fiery) attempt at a snack is impressive, said snack will never ever ever ever be better than the glory of the cauliflower, and so, one should not even try.
You’ve got to try that cauliflower, ok?

*While being an evening primarily of snacks, it was also an evening of beer, which might have something to do with this entry as well. And thus, all is explained.

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