I started this blog at the suggestion of a good friend, who, by function of geography, I don’t get to see as often as I’d like. It seems like a really good way to keep up with the people I care about when I’m not physically close enough to go for coffee as much as I would like.
There are a few people that fit that description now, flung far and wide to England, Sacramento, and most recently Portland, but, as I may have mentioned, and will most definitely mention again, I am moving soon.
Going away from everything I know forever and ever and ever. Amen.
It’s only the third entry and I’m already sick of writing that. Well, it will only be for the next 16 weeks. Then I will have moved! Away! Forever and ever and… you get the picture. Once that happens the majority of people that I care about will be elsewhere, and such a method of communication and connection will be even more crucial.
I mean, if you guys care… or whatever. Hmph.
Anyway. Seeing as I love to talk about me (I mean, who doesn’t) I know I’ll probably find myself expounding upon the minutia of my own experience and possibly over-examined inner self. Having a blog could also be a good way for the people I meet to get to know me a little better, and I really like it when people know me well. It’s satisfying.
So, that’s my intention. I want to document my journey out into the real world after college. All the more exciting because I have no idea what on earth that is going to entail. I want to give the important people in my life access to that experience, even if they’re far away and even if I don’t call them as much as I probably should.
I want to encourage people I know to do the same thing, because I would love to read it.
I said that I would publish this address as soon as I had three entries, and it seems as though I do, as of this moment, right now.
I really hope I can keep this up, because I think, if I can, that it’s going to be a really good thing.

Hey! If you have a blog or something like it, let me know! Also, tell me if I can put it on this page, because I would love to.

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