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Our Night Life

If you were to ask me what I was doing this Friday night I would probably say “Uh, I don’t know. Something. Probably. What are you doing?” This is likely to be a lie. It is true that sometimes, if … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about snacks. Tonight I came home from work around 10, and there were three girls there and we chatted, and that was fun. Then I decided to finish the little cooking project I had been working on for … Continue reading

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Are there any books out there about heroine-addicted Australian prisoners who escape over the front wall of maximum-security prisons to Bombay in the 1970’s, and find themselves mixed up with slum-dwellers, Indian villagers, contract killers and a wise old philosopher/ … Continue reading

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I started this blog at the suggestion of a good friend, who, by function of geography, I don’t get to see as often as I’d like. It seems like a really good way to keep up with the people I … Continue reading

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Cat Problems

I left the cat outside today, and it’s all I can think about. I had class at noon, so I had a long, lazy morning in the sunny kitchen, playing a genius mix of Andrew Bird’s Masterfade, my song of … Continue reading

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The End

This is not The End. This is a post about The End. The specific End I am referring to is set to occur at a point either 5 or 16 weeks in the future, depending on how I am choosing … Continue reading

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